• Life


    251 meters height, 174 meters prominence. These are the dimensions of my pride. The day began with the usual sneaking into my bed, cuddling giggles foreshadowing our Netflix break for Peppa Pig and some hot chocolate under the duvet. This idyll ended up with a breathless flinging of limbs in a desperate attempt to find two identical socks followed by a dramatic peeling and cutting of one apple and few fingers for the aftrenoon snack. The last day of Fringe’s performances required our full concentration to get dressed and get out on time. Alas, this has not been an easy task lately. A quick shower, doing the laundry, ritually arranging…

  • Life


    If you have been with your partner long enough you have certainly given almost everything you can think of as a gift. This makes the situation especially difficult if you have an occasion for which you want to make a surprise. Even more so if you have been together for 17 years, as is my case. The past few years have been a complete apocalypse with regards to employing my creative muse not because of lack of love, attention or commitment rather because there is nothing I had not done, bought or made with my own hands for the past 17 years. From watches with personal engraving to surprising trips,…

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