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I love the winter season. It is jolly. Cozy. Smells on hot chocolate and cookies. Feels like fluffy sweathers and warm jackets. The only thing I do not appreciate about it is that nowadays I rise before the sun. Still, my mornings call for high effectictiveness and positive vibes as I need to prepare my baby girl for school, my husband for work and myself for all the adventures that await me during the day.  Sometimes this seems an easy task. Other times, however, everything is a complete chaos.

To deal with it I developed a small routine that I turned into a habit. Afterall, a good morning routine sets the productivity tone for the rest of my day.  BUT what does it mean to be an effective mom from early morning? It means to be successful in that which you intentionally set out to achieve. And we, moms, have a veeeery long list of things that must be achieved. Here is my secret formula that enhances my productivity from early morning. 


Prepare the Night Before

My top secret to having a productive morning is to get a head start on it the night before. I plan and organize things for the next day before going to bed. This turns to be quite effective for me as I find myself having a limited amount of willpower and decision-making ability early in the morning. The thought of making too many decisions before having my coffe just kills me. It takes me about 15 minutes to put everything in order each evening. 15 golden minutes that help me start the day smoothly and quietly. I tidy up the house and arrange all the kitchen utensils and products needed for breakfast. Being a true coffee lover, I put grounds in the pot and my mug next to it for the morning. I place all vitamins and other immune boosters next to the plate of each family member.


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Planning the outfits of my daughter and me (subject to the weather) and placing them next to our beds also is a great time saver. Having all of the things needed for the school day like bags, shoes, or outerwear near the front entrance makes time move by a lot quicker when leaving home. 


Wake Up a Little Early

The earlier I go to bed, the easier it is to peel off the covers.With the routine of a pre-schooler and all the work I do during the day, going to bed on time is not a challenge at all. Truth being said, sometimes I fall asleep before my baby girl while reading some of her favorite stories in bed.  I like to wake up at least two hours before I need to leave so that I am not in a rush. This also takes into account the very fact that sometimes it takes ages for my daughter to get up on time. 


Make the Morning an Enjoyable Time

Living in the busy routine of a mom, wife and blogger I sometimes forget how important it is to enjoy the moment and take it slow. That is why when I wake up earlier than anyone at home I spend few minutes doing nothing. I might be listening to music, sipping my hot coffee slowly or simply planning my day in my thoughts. Whatever I choose to “do”, it refreshes me and gives me the necessary peace that I need to start my busy day routine.


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Some of my morning routines include:

  1. Drinking two cups of hot water 
  2. Cuddling and kissing
  3. Having my coffee
  4. Taking a hot shower
  5. Checking the weather
  6. Listening to my favorite music

Basically anything that helps me set my mind on what I want to focus on for the day, and set my heart and mind in the right attitude for success.


Be Flexible

A little flexibility goes a long way. I try hard to zoom out and see the bigger picture as I do not want to pick the wrong battles to fight. I have always strived at being a perfectionist and I am occasionally a control freak. However, these traits of my character are quite explosive sometimes and it is always handy to step back a bit and see if I would be better off giving up on a certain rule of doing things. Although it may not seem like it in the moment, it’s always better to be kind than to be right. I try to stick to this rule whenever something goes wrong with my wee one and we are about to be late for school and any other activity that awaits us. I know it is harder done than said but practice helps 🙂



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