Friendship beyond borders

She is a tall gracefulness with warm аlmond-dark eyes. Her laughter reverberates as a bell in space and infects all around with excitement and goodness. I love even the seconds we spend together. Each conversation or event bear the stamp of a real friendship. Of true understanding and contiguity which only the closest person in the world can share with you.

Since she was born, my daughter calls her Ueya (something like aunty) and shines from happiness every time she sees her. She is used to listening to enlightening conversations about love, men and life from the womb. Sometimes only for men. But always about dreams and the most exciting thrills.

I cannot imagine myself without her friendship. We feed it as a baby with crazy experiences, grandiose endeavours, undisguised disappointments, partial dramas and deep insights. This friendship transcends the physical boundaries of the mind and lives in us anchored in our hearts. She is my best friend. She is Iliana.


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