Exercising is my passion. It is my stress relief weapon, my happiness booster and my beauty pill that quiets my mind and restores my balance. What adds value to my motivation to exercise regularly and give my all in every workout is my activewear. And choosing one rightly is not always as straightforward as it might seem. But don’t you worry! I have got a cheat sheet for you 😉   Cheat sheet to choosing your active gear   #1 COLORS The colors you choose to wear can affect your workout on both a physical and psychological level. It’s important to be aware of how the hues you put on…

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    Moving your body on a regular basis not only releases endorphins, but also reinsforces your mental toughness and energises your pursuit of your life goals. Now, I know that the most difficult thing sometimes is just to get started. I have been into sports all of my life. Yet, I have these days when I feel like I am gonna pass. I am not motivated enough, I feel tired, lethargic, there is not a single drop of energy inside me… Do you resonate with this? If you do, do not panic. With these workout motivation tips you will get back on track and start exercising regularly with pleasure.   8 AWESOME…

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    Exercising,  Healthy Living


    The strongest motivation is the one that comes from our hearts and minds. It is the things that we dream of from the bottom of our souls that ignite the fire in us and give us the strength to continue our journey. Have you noticed how sometimes we put the idea that we need to lose weight very urgently in our head? But instead of making a change, we nest even more comfortably in our sedentary lifestyle and eat even more passionately from the chocolate hidden in the drawer. Obviously, weight loss is not a REAL priority at this point. Things start to happen when we really want them. Because…

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    How To Get In Top Shape With YouTube Home Workouts

    After I shared with you my little tricks to motivate myself to exercise daily at home, I will now share with you how to get in top shape with Youtube home workouts. For those of you who are at the very beginning of this adventure, I would recommend going for yoga and pilates for the first few weeks. They could be also overwhelming (especially in terms of stretching), but what I like most about them is that they focus your mind not only on the correct performance of each exercise but also on breathing consciously while working out. And this is an extremely important factor that we tend to overlook.…

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    I was in S1 when I started training athletics. Outdoor exercisings at the stadium were a magical combination of high intensity exercises, new friendships, iron discipline, plenty of motivation and a lot of fun. After the exhausting training, I enjoyed running under the cold droplets of water (from the stadium’s irrigation system) that fell like dew on the grass. With my last resource of power I used to bounce blissfully on the high jump landing mats collecting the sun’s rays over my tired body. These were the summers when mom used to tell me that I look alike a gypsy kissed by the sun – I was so tanned. Training…

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