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The strongest motivation is the one that comes from our hearts and minds. It is the things that we dream of from the bottom of our souls that ignite the fire in us and give us the strength to continue our journey.

Have you noticed how sometimes we put the idea that we need to lose weight very urgently in our head? But instead of making a change, we nest even more comfortably in our sedentary lifestyle and eat even more passionately from the chocolate hidden in the drawer. Obviously, weight loss is not a REAL priority at this point. Things start to happen when we really want them. Because then and only then we start feeling comfortable introducing and following of a new routine, which with some effort, perseverance and focus, will lead us to our dreams. I believe that only the those who have not harnessed their mind to succeed, have failed.

The same rule applies to our personal motivation to exercise regularly. Especially when we speak about EXERCISING regularly AT HOME. I might not be the best example as sports have been a part of my life since my early school years. I have practiced semi-professionally as a track and field athlete, and subsequently practiced all kinds of sports in the gym – boxing, kick boxing, TRX, BOSU, TAE BO, yoga, pilates, spinning, aerobics, step aerobics, belly dance, fitness and more. Thinking about how much money I spent at the gym for all these years makes me sick.

When we moved to the UK, I continued exercising mainly at the gym. However, Edinburgh is the city of the running in the parks and mountains people so I decided that I will give it a go. It cost me unimaginable efforts and will to go out in the cold and wind and rain and…run. I started running in the park, then at the foothills of the mountain, and finally I started running to the top of the mountain and back. Today, I cannot imagine not running outside at least once a week.


  1. I get bored doing the same exercises at the gym several times a week, for the same muscle groups with the same trainers;
  2. I see no point paying for something I can do at home for FREE;
  3. Exercising at home means I can try a bigger variety of sports (watching some cool YouTube workouts) than the gym can ever offer at the comfort of my own timing;
  4. I save time from commuting, which is a serious factor for me, since I have no time in general, not to speak in excess.
  5. I save lots of money every month by not paying for gyms and sports/dance halls.

Today, my daily routine includes 30-40 minutes of sport each day at home. Depending on the energy I have and my mood, I train HIIT, yoga, Pilates or whatever is on my mind. YouTube has an infinite number of sports activities, each of different duration and for different levels raging from beginners to advanced. Here I am sharing some of my most favorite workouts.


The tips and hints that I am sharing with you are neither revolutionary, nor discovering the wheel. However, they have been guiding me all my life and as such have never failed me.


Create a routine. If you have been exercising rather sporadically all your life, setting up a workout routine could be quite a challenge. Subject to your temperament, choose the part of the day when you would feel most comfortable playing sports. Set an alarm thirty minutes before your workout time and make an effort to stick to your plan.


Start with shorter workouts of 15-20 minutes and gradually increase. The ideal option is to train for 30 minutes each day, but if you do not have the opportunity / desire, find time to exercise at least 3 times a week for about an hour.


Think of your sports activities as something wonderful that you do for yourself, because that’s just what it is! You will endow your body and mind with tone, a burst of energy, good health and a beautiful, tight silhouette.


It could be motivating to choose a photo of yours in which you are in top shape, or a photo of a woman you admire, and put it somewhere easily visible. This will work subconsciously on your motivation not to squirm and find excuses to miss a workout. You will also be reminded why you are doing all this.


Find a comfortable place at home with enough space to stretch your entire height without knocking down a vase or kicking a chair. This will be your training space. If there is no TV nearby, you can always put your lap top on the floor and start sweating.


For most home workouts, you will not need any equipment other than your body and focus. However, if you want, you can always buy a mat and kettlebells as a start.


Browse YouTube for sports that you really find interesting and that you would enjoy over the next 30 minutes of your life. Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, TaeBo … the list is endless, and the choice is entirely yours.


Play some catchy music, get into a rhythm and think about every move you make. Control your body and listen carefully to the trainer’s guidance from the screen.


Leave a glass of water nearby and hydrate yourself each time you feel thirsty.


Never skip warming-up or stretching at the beginning and end of your workout, unless you want to stretch something that will hurt you for a long, long time.


If you do not exercise often, choose a beginners workout as a start. Over time go to intermediate and advanced workouts. The results will not follow soon.


To optimize your achievement, you may choose to follow a healthy diet by giving up (or at least reducing) the alcohol, processed foods and sugars. Here I am sharing my dietary regime for a clear mind and beautiful, healthy body.


Stick to your workout and dietary regime and turn the new habits into an integral part of your lifestyle. Unfortunately (or not), a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong conscious choice, not a fleeting encounter with the “different”.

Allow yourself to experience the momentary discomfort of your new routine and you will soon enjoy the lasting comfort of the results you have achieved. If you really want to look and feel good, your inner motivation will feed itself with the satisfaction of all the hard work and the feeling of freshness, strength and energy you get after every workout. A time will come when you will not be able to go a day without sports. Because sport is adrenaline and adrenaline is a drug. Once you get addicted there is no giving up 🙂


The Mermaid

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