• homemade doughnuts filled with homemade chocolate cream

    Homemade Doughnuts with Chocolate Filling

    These winter weekend mornings we would wake up only to spend a few very long and lazy moments of cuddling and craving for something delicious but not necessarily healthy. Mia loves doughnuts tons and I decided that it is about time to learn how to make them by myself. It took me few attempts to improve the recipe and the method BUT I can finally share with you this easy, fast, and delicious recipe for homemade doughnuts with chocolate filling.   Homemade doughnuts with chocolate filling recipe   Ingredients For the donuts: 500g flour (250g self-raising flour – 250g coconut or almond flour) 2 eggs 250gr yogurt 1/2 ts baking…

  • Healthy sweet pizza recipe


    Having healthy and easy to make breakfast options is crucial for me. Our whole family is super active from early morning and I am always on a quest for delicious ideas that can fill us with energy and power to conquer the world 🙂 Today I am gonna share with you our latest favorite  recipe for a healthy sweet pizza for breakfast. Do not freak out 🙂 The only “pizza” thing in it is its shape. I like calling it pizza and truth being told – it always grabs the attention of my daughter. You see, having a healthy lifestyle is never boring! 😉 Especially when you get inspiration from…

  • marzipan candies


    Merry Christmas, mermaids! I love the feeling of this holiday so much! It carries the aroma of peace and tranquility. Home comfort and late mornings under the blankets. Snowmen and mulled wine. A burning fireplace and the warm embrace of a loved one in slippers with the muzzle of the reindeer Rudolf. All this home idyll is just inviting the senses to taste something sweet. After all, during the holidays not only the soul but also the senses rejoice 🙂 We saturated our taste buds with a homemade marzipan, which we prepared in just a few minutes with my little one. It’s not a traditional Christmas dessert, but it is…

  • granola breakfast


    A healthy outside starts from the inside. Especially during the winter season when the vurises are stalking us. Coming up with a well balanced and nutrituous breakfast for our kids and beloved ones sometimes seems to be uneasy and/or time consuming. My mornings are quite busy, hence call for easy and healthy solutions.      My daughter is in the “honey” period now. Meaning she eats everything with honey. Including cheese. That is why I decided that I am gonna take over this opportunity and offer her something delicious, healthy and home-made that can boost her immune system. GRANOLA! Sometimes I serve it with fruits, sometimes with fruits and skyr…

  • Halloween


    For like eternity, Halloween has been my most disfavored holiday. Up until two years ago. Just about the time when my daughter started enjoying the spooky stories, witchy costumes, mysterious trails and trick or treat tours around the neighbours. Truth being told, the happiness in her eyes was really contaminating. It changed my perspective and made Halloween one of the most awaited holidays in our family. Now, we truly indulge in the preparation of our own house decorations, pumpkin craving, spooky meals and drinks. We dress up and have tons of fun doing tricks and collecting spooky sweets from our trails. This year M is gonna be a witch. A…

  • homemade chocolate


    I have not recently shared with you any of our chocolate adventures because our chocolate hunger seemed to be hibernating for few months now. Until last weekend only! When my wee one and her friend Yunshi started whispering and giggling in “secrecy”. I knew immediately that they were plotting something. The disclosure of the secret came shortly after when they announced unanimously “We will make chocolate”. Since the mini miss sunshines want to make chocolate, I can do anything else but supply them with products and circle around with a rag and a bucket of water.     I came up with a new recipe, agreed on a day and…

  • Food


    In the short sleeves and sun kissed skin season my daughter is developing a strong passion for ice creams. She sees someone licking ice cream on the street – she wants one. She sees ice cream in the store – she wants one. She sees the ice cream bus in the park – she wants one.  Since I do not fancy the packaged sweets at all, I usually find ways to engage her in the preparation of home-made, healthy, deicious sweets. For example, for today’s Father’s Day, we decided that we are gonna surprise our dad at home with some irresistible homemade ice cream. Typically for all women, it was…

  • Food


    June 1st has been one of my favorite holidays since my childhood. Because it celebrates purity, hope, belief, curiosity,  spontaneity, love, inspiration, creativity, desire, freedom… It celebrates kids. Those who make our lives so much better and meaningful. And those that live within use even when we get older.  Because growing the child in us is a matter of choice. Vision. Perspective. It allows us to be colorful as the rainbow, free as the wind, and happy as the blooming nature. This June 1st was special. I was celebrating the children’s day with own child. It was messy, colorful and funny. We cuddled for long in the bed. We made…

  • Food


    Do I love sweets? Hell yeah! Those who follow my blog know that there are often sweet temptations at home. BUT healthy ones. A healthy lifestyle (in all its manifestations) matters lots to me as I consider it one of the most important gifts I can grant my family and myself. Hence, treats at home are always raw and comprising of healthy ingredients. By “healthy” I do not necessarily mean “bio” or “organic”. I consider “healthy” the products that do not overload our bodies, fill us with valuable nutrients (which enhance our health) and have not undergone thermal or other processing. In other words, I am refering to alternative, raw…

  • Food


    While children were playing in the park, Bella and I were happily sipping our hot lattes and were enjoying the greenery around. The grass was soon mowed and the air was saturated with that fresh scent of green that thrilled all senses. As my gaze wandered through the crowns of trees, my gaze fell upon the first orange-reddish leaves. The skin of my face bristled from the cold breath of the wind that swept past me leaving the feeling and taste of autumn. We went home hungry for few spoonfuls of sweetness. With a dose of summer nostalgia and filled with excitement about the beauty of one of the most…

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