Fringe Festival is the quintessential magic that sweats Edinburgh as a typhoon of color, experiences, fun, great mood and pollens it with the most amazing and varied cultural events. I will pay special attention to it because it is really worth enjoying it – if not live at least through pictures and stories.

Just because of the festival and all the great emotions it fills me with, my day begins and ends with it. The hot cup of latte in the morning is ritually followed by a quick overview of the events of the day and the elaboration of a plan for me and a few other moms with whom we share not only the parenting but also the regular ladies’ Friday nights (as well as shopping tours, sushi dinners, make-up and hair tutorials, etc. but let’s focus on Fringe). This is how each of our shared and filled with fun, happiness, pictures, selfies, emotions and wonders day starts. We are from those moms that neither wind nor rain can keep us home. Our children enjoy every single magic of their childhood. That childhood that remains immortalized by Max and Moritz – full of mischieves, jumping in puddles, running in the rain, climbing trees, digging dirt, paiting paper and all the limbs available, running to madness, building sand castles, playing a piano, etc. There is simply nothing that our children have not experienced, did or enjoyed. That is why they are happy kids.

All of this, however, consumes enormous energy resources, as a result of which I have lately started falling asleep prior the little one. Paradoxically but fact. Hence, I had to take urgent measures to provide my body with additional doses of energy boosters and so my breakfast became the following.



It might not look like a solid amount of food but the nutrients it contains are an explosive amount that gives quick tone, freshness and strength.


What does my Chocolate Chia Pudding for Super Moms contain?

  • 100-150 ml soya milk
  • 2,5 tablespoons chia
  • 1 teaspoon lucuma
  • 1 tablespoon mixture of raw cocoa, maca and hemp protein



How to prepare:

I pour the milk in a glass and add all the other ingredients by stirring well. I let it stay all night at room temperature (I rarely leave it in the fridge). By morning the chia would have absorbed the milk and the splendid chocolate-chia pudding is ready to be consumed.


What nutrients does it give you:

  • iron
  • potassium
  • zinc
  • magnesium
  • protein
  • fiber
  • amino acids
  • vitamins from B group


Why is it healthy:

Maca is a powerful antioxidant. Lucuma contributes to oxygen transport in your body. Cacao helps with the energy-yielding metabolism and hempprotein reduces fatigue.


Mind the fact that chia has high level of calories, hence do not overtake. Two to three tablespoons a day will do you good but more than that would simply add extra calories to your daily calorie intake.

Enjoy your morning with this delicious and ultra healthy energy booster which I can eat forever!




The Mermaid


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