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    It was an amazing sunny day. Perfect for experiencing new adventures. We went on a trip without agenda and found ourselves in a wonderful piece of land – Pollok Country Park. Magic was all around this place. The babble of the nearby river; the beautiful, endless green fields that flooded my soul with serenity and timelessness. The little paths in the woods that were leading us either to mini meadows or were surrounding us with greenery and sun rays barely passing through the crowns of the trees. I felt like in a fairy tale. Shortly after that the path took us to Pollok House. A magnificent, colorful, lush, breathtaking mansion.…

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    And here comes that wonderful moment of the year when all senses awaken and the consciousness begins to paint colorful pictures of the dream holiday. I love traveling and I do believe that of all the books in the world, the most exciting stories are sealed in between the pages of my passport. Planning the holiday itself, however, is one of the most annoying things for me. I always aim at transfering all trip details to my husband, while with the dedication of a toddler to their new toy, I arrange our luggage. Despite my strategic attempts to delegate the planning responsibilities as per the interests of everyone at home,…

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    Yacht adventures

    I’m a typical taurus. I feel like a fish out of water when in waters. Even more so when I’m on an island among islands. My otherwise dzen vibrations, stemming from the presence of hard ground beneath my feet, melt faster than ice cream on a summer day … just because there is no ground beneath at all. Today was exactly one of these days. My aura was getting wrinckles as a baby shar-pei from fear only at the thought of getting on a boat. A very fast boat indeed … from the ones that start the engine and disappear beyond the horizon in a flash. I hesitantly boarded the floating…

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        Our life is a string of moments that make us gasp for breath. Sometimes they are white, sometimes black, and most often gray. The diversity and beauty of life are in going our way happily. And good manners certainly help us to be such. They feed us with confidence and harmony, make us agreeable for communication and successful in our interactions with people and the world. In order to understand their essence, I invited the expert of good manners, Nevena Bassarova-Dicheva, to calibrate our compasses for etiquette and generally accepted manners.   WM: Recently, good manners have become very “modern”, and in this trend they seem overexposed. Have…

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