Yacht adventures

I’m a typical taurus. I feel like a fish out of water when in waters. Even more so when I’m on an island among islands. My otherwise dzen vibrations, stemming from the presence of hard ground beneath my feet, melt faster than ice cream on a summer day … just because there is no ground beneath at all. Today was exactly one of these days. My aura was getting wrinckles as a baby shar-pei from fear only at the thought of getting on a boat. A very fast boat indeed … from the ones that start the engine and disappear beyond the horizon in a flash.

I hesitantly boarded the floating yacht when the captain turned on the music so loud that I was bearly hearing my own thoughts and gave so much gas to the engine that the yacht’s nose pointed high in the sky, hiding the horizon from my gaze. I felt droplets of water like morning dew all over my body. The waves passed at nano millimeters from my body. I gathered the strength to look at my daughter.

The boy who was helping the captain was dancing and making body waves to which my little daughter was responding with a new set of mini body waves and enviable dance moves. They were both enjoying the rhythm of the music and were spreading joy all around. The captain decided to make several sharp turns to lift the mood even higher. With regards to me, he only lifted the food from my stomach. If there is a scale of fear, I certainly broke it at this point. The time in which we reached the mainland seemed longer than my pregnancy, given the fact that I saw my life on several movie tapes. None of them ended well.

Generally, I’m not from the most religious ones. But oh dear Lord, so many prayers I haven’t said even on Christmas Eve. In the process, I clawed into the only thing I could hanged on – the upholstery. I am convinced that for the first time in his practice the captain will find similar traces after his cascades in the sea. I am not even gonna comment on my complacent look at my husband, who was split between empathy toward the joyful experiences of our little one and my pitiful cocker spaniel look.

With irregular heartbeat I jumped from the boat like a champagne corck at the evry moment we reach the land. My aura and my happy vibrations were still hovering somewhere above the sea, and only came to me long after that experience was over. Meanwhile, my little one was radiating so much happiness as she was left alone with a few pounds of chocolate. For me the sea adventures were over. Like forever.


The Mermaid

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