Somebody once said that “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” What makes you feel comfortable in your crazy, dynamic and adventurous lives, folks? My list is straight to the point.



I lost it!. It all started when I was a college girl and when I was better off hanging out with my friends, exercising regularly, studying hard for exams. The equation was simple – visits to the dreamland were limited. Years later, my first child was born. Without giving me the choice, she took my nights, and with them the last hope of uninterrupted 8 hour beauty sleep. Despite the heavy eyelids and the shaggy sleepy head in the mornings, these were my most wonderful nights of NOT sleeping.

Today, sleep is still not as long as I would love to as I juggle an infinite to do lists of a mom, wife, housewife and entrepreneur. Sometimes, though, I get to sleep for almost 8 uninterrupted hours AND a hot coffeee in my bed. As it becomes clear, my sleep in recent years has simply become a necessity. a luxe. If my daughter’s magic wand really worked, I would swing it and stop the time. 



Do you remember the time when you had as much time as you want for YOURSELF ONLY?! Well, I barely do. My personal time today seems so microscopic that you literally need a Hubble to spot it. However, when I get, I utilize it fully. Every precious minute of it is allocated to absolutely meaningless (but relaxing) women’s activities – exercising, beauty treatments, a visit to the hairdresser, a cocktail evening with girlfriends, an hour long hot bath with nice music, watching one point, slowly drinking a glass of white wine, reading a book, walking in the mountains … These moments are so rare that there is no Cartier or Manolo Blahnik to dazzle them. My definition of luxury? Timelessness.



Once upon a time I was enjoying that. Nowadays, I heat my coffee at least seven times and drink it from about 6am to 12:30pm. This of course happens, provided there is no stuff added to it by my wee one. For example, some time ago, she adeptly stuffed a croissant and her avocado into my cappuccino. This caused convulsions in my lifeless, caffeine needing self. I am telling you, folks, hot coffee is a luxe! Don’t underestimate it!



I had to look in the glossary for what it was. “Rest, peace, silence.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any of these. The moments when my mind goes quiet are when I exercise or run in the mountains and take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the city and the sun from the “top of the world”. My mind then quiets acknowledging the unearthly beauty and diversity of nature. The other moment of silence and peace that I get is when I meditate. Because I usually fall asleep when I meditate alone, I go to special yoga classes where there is a lot of chanting and contemplation. Then I don’t fall asleep out of shame. But I’m quiet.



One of the great treasures of the world. Too bad you can’t expect it from a “poor” person. Sometimes I wonder how laborious it can be to be honest  that most people are so adept at avoiding it. I miss seeing this quality. And when I see it in someone, my soul fires with joy. Real people are becoming less and less. Or rather, people surround themselves with walls so high and thick, they overlay their faces with so many masks that you do not always manage to reach their true self. Sometimes I don’t have the strength to fight, jump over fences and melt ice. I truly appreciate people who know honesty and use it.



As long as you have someone to say good night to every evening, you are richer than most people in this world. Regardless of expression, race, height or weight, love is a super power that it itself gives life. But it must spring from the heart. Today, most hearts are empty.



The Mermaid


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