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For the last few days I have been tormented by a growing wisdom tooth. How come it decided to pop up exactly on New Year’s Eve? 2020 obviously will be the beginning of many new adventures. And since a new wisdom is emerging in me  (may the fourth wisdom tooth miss me), I decided to pose you a serious question. Did you do your end of year reflection? 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know – it is debatable shall we do it or not. Some completely deny its usefulness. Others are waiting for the end of the year to make it. I’m somewhere in the middle. I try to reflect on and rationalize the most significant events in my life at the end of each day, so that I have a clear mind and a starting point. How else would I know where to go in the future. In this line of thought, I can tell you how I usually approach my end of yearreflection. It’s simple and it works. As long as you are honest with yourself!



I reflect on the events that I have experienced and the lessons they have taught me. Our life is our greatest judge and teacher. Although we can safely discard any event and difficulty we have experienced, it is truly valuable to look into them, rationalize them, and make sense of them in order to draw our main conclusions. Almost like a mathematical equation. Life gives us new lessons every day, as long as we are observant enough to take them! Sometimes its lessons are disguised as challenges, other times as moments of joy and success. Instead of passing through our lives, it is much more valuable to actually experience them and reflect on the lessons that helped us grow.



Were my relationships with people meaningful? Have I fulfilled my dreams? Did I follow my heart? Did I fight for my causes? Did I start working on my own projects? What were the most significant events this year? What were my most memorable and dear moments? Are my thoughts pure and good? What really broke me down? What people have I gained and lost along the way? How does it make me feel? What will I leave forever in the old year? What will I take with me in the new one?

This is the perfect time to reflect on the thoughts, emotions and experiences of recent months. If there were disappointments, it’s time to say goodbye to them. If we were happy it is time to be thankful. This is the moment to resolve all the pending questions and to give honest answers to the things that really matter to us so that we can move forward.



Sometimes the routine makes the years and events seem blurry. That is why I believe it is extremely valuable and useful to stop for a moment, to feel our heartbeat, to look around with our eyes wide open and to assess the situation as it really is. Where are we now? How far have we come? Where do we want to go? This is the way to get our focus back, to draw the “map” of our lives in the coming year, two, five…

This is the most valuable moment when we strive to give an objective assessment of our performance in emotional, moral, professional, personal and mental terms. The goal is not to blame ourselves, but to evaluate whether we have lived fully and meaningfully this year, and what steps we can take to make next year better, more exciting, more successful?



Turning your passion into work, relocating to a new country, strengthening your family, upgrading your skills …. everything that is important to us – both personally and professionally. Focus helps us work consciously to fulfill our dreams and goals. Today, the world is organized in such a way that most of us work primarily to fulfill other people’s goals and dreams, leaving us with little personal time to work for our own ones.

If we do not make good use of the little time we have, then we will pass through life imperceptibly, like a dream. And it is a pleasure to experience both pain and happiness, to taste both the salty and sweet, to immerse ourselves in these feelings, to experience them in order to feel alive. Life does not always flow the way we have planned, dreamed or wished it. But it is all we have, so it is appropriate to give our best to make it an unforgettable adventure.

Harmonious, conscious and happy New Year’s Eve celebrations, friends!



The Mermaid

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