They say it will save the world. It jumps in attractive forms and substances from the screen, parades on fashion shows, decorates magazines, is promoted by Instagram influencers and as if it has standardized nature. You have already figured out that I am speaking about the beauty. In my eyes, it has different dimensions for each of us – from the spiritual, through the physical to the emotional. It encompasses a whole universe of acts, thoughts, feelings, looks, shared moments … But it seems like all people around the world are united around the understanding that beauty is health. Since in purely physical terms, the skin is the largest organ in our bodies, we can narrow this understanding to the point that beauty is healthy skin. Who does not want a smooth, radiant and healthy skin to “feel good in their own skin”. Today we raise the curtain of some completely natural solutions for beautiful skin. Prepare a sheet and a pen to immortalize the great ideas that Sylvia Nedeva will give us in our forthcoming interview for tried home recipes for beauty and health.

Our skin care is important not only because the beautiful skin gives us confidence and pleasant sensation, but also because it protects us daily from the harmful influence of all the factors from the environment in which we live. The way we take care of it and our lifestyle are basic prerequisites for its health. Factors that primarily affect its quality and texture are stress, lack of sleep, poor food, environment pollution, sun, smoking and alcohol.

There are a number of ready-made skin care products that promise you clean and shiny skin like in the ads. Instead of relying on the photoshop in them that there is no way to apply live, adapt your diet so to take useful nutrients for your body and skin in particular, and make home-made and easy-to-use, high-performance masks of raw ingredients. This will permanently and visibly improve the health and beauty of your skin.



Rule number one is that even if you use the most expensive and good cosmetics, if your skin is not healthy and beautiful you will not feel well. And natural ingredients have the potential to turn things into your favor. They have an extraordinary effect on our beauty – as for our skin, our body and our overall sense of health and freshness. Unlike chemical substances, natural ones do not have harmful chemicals to cause skin irritation and a burning sensation. It is believed that eastern beauty tricks are at the bottom of the smooth, healthy and beautiful skin of Asian women. Their skin care regime consists of natural masks and lotions that make their skin exceptional. I have selected some interesting ones to introduce to you.


1. Detox and antioxidants. Drink tea. A lot. Every day. Green tea has anti-aging features and detoxifying qualities. It also enhances metabolism and is a powerful antioxidant. Chamomile tea has the ability to flush and neutralize free radicals in the cells. It also restores the hair and body to their natural elastic state. Hyaluronic acid contains strong antioxidants and supplements that slow down the aging process. It keeps the skin elastic, refreshing and rehydrating it.



2. Humidify regularly. Chamomile and mint are effective in softening hands. These products should be dissolved in solution before they are used to massage the hands. Lotus extract hydrates well dried skin and brittle hair. Use a cherry blossom to hydrate the skin and perfume it with a pleasant scent. Castor oil is an exclusive hydrating agent and acts preventively against wrinkles. If you drink it, you will help the digestive function of the stomach.


3. Clean the face with massaging movements and oil for optimum cleaning effect. Use olive oil to massage the eyelashes and cleanse your face from makeup. Then apply a foam to clean the face of the oil rubbing it with a face brush. If you clean the face dry with a brush, you will make your skin soft as velvet and prepare it for better absorption of the serums and creams you use later. Always clean the face with massaging movements as this stimulates blood supply and acts detoxifying. Do not rub the skin-moisturizing product into the skin, but apply it with light patting movements of the palms, and let it absorb.



4. Rub camellia oil rich in vitamin E. It improves the appearance not only of the skin but also of the hair and nails. This oil makes the hair stronger and restores its glossy appearance. It also makes the skin smooth and saves it from stretch marks.


5. Make your skin radiate. Lemon has an extraordinary effect on skin lightening and exfoliation. It also effectively combats comedones. However, it is acid, so apply moderately. Rose water can give a soothing and shining effect to your skin before applying your makeup. Spray the face with rose water or with tapping movements rub it into the skin with a soaked cotton makeup pad. Then apply your makeup as usual.

Here (from 18:45 onwards) you can see my favorite home skin care recipes, which I often apply at home for clean, shiny and healthy skin.


6. Say “NO” to wrinkles. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric with a spoonful of almond milk and a teaspoon of raw honey. Apply to the face and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse. Drink collagen to enhance the shine of the skin and rejuvenate it.


7. Save yourself from the damage of the sun. Use sunscreen lotions with SPF20 in autumn and winter and at least SPF 30 in summer and spring.


8. Get rid of acne. Make a Bean Mung Face Mask – grind the grains for a paste and apply to the face .This will clear your acne, the puffy eyes and tonify the skin.


9. Get rid of the dead cells and refresh your skin. Cleanse the face, exfoliate with pumice and then hydrate.


10. Take care of your hair. Henna helps reduce dandruff and strengthens hair. You can combine it with coconut oil for optimal results.

Avocado is the secret of fast-growing hair. Here’s an idea for a home mask with avocado:



Now you know the secrets of beautiful and healthy skin in the East. Make them part of your routine for a more beautiful self. Good health reflects our true beauty. Lead such a way of life that meets your beauty requirements.


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