With mega huge luggage towards the labor ward

One of the most exciting moments of my pregnancy was definitely the time I was preparing my bag for the labor ward. Until then I have only heard about this enigma. During the earlier months of the pregnancy my mind was picturing it as a pink unicorn – mystery embraced all those articles that I had to have in advance, and with which I had to contentedly position myself and my belly in the hospital. When the moment approached I started reading online hints on what I have to buy. The majority of the things sounded as incomprehensible as the terminology used by my most favorite lecturer in Management Accounting. I started wondering whether it is not easier to obtain a second master degree than to complete the list of stuff for the hospital.

True friends that have already gone through the thorny path came up with specific examples. Halleluiah – everything was literally pushed in the bag. Do not think that it was some sort of a small and light bag. It probably weighted at least two times my belly and had a diameter as the planet Earth.

The truth is that from everything pushed in the bottomless bag I barely used the following:

  • Reference for delivering in the hospital
  • ID card
  • Last examination results – microbiology, blood group, blood test and urine
  • Flip flops
  • Towel
  • Shower gel and shampoo
  • Lingerie
  • Hygiene pads ultra night
  • Hair dryer
  • Phone and charger

Precisely in this order. I would not have been accepted in the hospital without the reference. The other things are clear – after the end of the spectacular delivery agony anchored on the chair and after having stitches after the birth, lamely but extremely determined I headed towards the bath. The flip flops, shower gel, shampoo and towel have fulfilled their purpose unconditionally.  I have not ever assumed that I could be feeling so amazing after having a bath. Immediately after that I made use of all other things from the modest list above. And so I had four days in a row. I did not have time to use anything else from the bag. Somehow in between the unworkmanlike attempts for breastfeeding, cuddling, partial sleep and taming a roaring beast everything merged in one.


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