To be love

I am thinking about love. Just like that – a woman, mother, wife and not easily falling in love person. I have always been impressed by the expression ‘love from first sight’ and more so from those who swear that they have fallen in love from the very first sight. How do you do that, dudes? I need way more than just a single glance, multiple blinks, considerations, discussions with all blondes, brunettes, red heads and other colorful pieces of art from the friends’ circle…and still there is no guarantee that love will blossom. The first sight simply touches the cover of something which filling we are quite unaware of.

What if it is one of these disgusting donuts that have a nice coating but when you bite them they are dry from the inside with distasteful jam rather than fresh creme brulee? How disappointing that would be. Where does love from the first sight then go? I instantly throw in the garbage such kind of donuts. Does it happen the same with the love from the first sight? Or it is rather an ephemera that lasts only until the next one from the newer first sight in another direction comes….

I prefer to think about the other love. The one that comes after a number of sights, experiences, shared moments, said truths. The love that is anchored in the heart and mind and that lives with every new smile, gesture and kiss. The love that wakes up with the sun in his eyes and goes to bed with the stars reflected in his soul. That is the love that I love. That is the love I need to exist.


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