Venetian splendor without luggage

I travel. I experience. Each trip inflames my imagination, feeds my excitement to the unknown and reminds me how many places expect to be found and explored. Like dreams. The speed with which I can prepare my baggage for the new adventure surpasses the mightiness of an avalanche. It sets fire to the excitement and expectations. To the impatience.

The destination that anchors deep in my heart as a ship at the bottom of the Mariana trench is definitely Venice. My soul tweets as a nightingale in early morning from longing to this magical city.

My last visit to Venice left with me the flavor of something unpleasant. The most exciting week in my life, during which I soaked with complete devotion the mystery of the small streets as wide as two stretched arms; the stylish Italians who with their typical southern romanticism and style shake me from top to bottom; the beautiful gondoliers singing love rhymes…..this whole atmosphere that I reveal again and again with every trip, was tainted by a return without baggage.

With all the variety of the endless happiness, colorful memories and handfuls inspiration I awaited my luggage at Sofia airport. My expectation echoed as a deaf echo after the last arriving passengers. Obviously my luggage was lost somewhere above the clouds of beautiful emotions and pure joy. What is it for a woman to lose her most favorite clothes, high heel shoes and cosmetics?! Shortly said – an APOCALYPSE! From a scale for which even Richter does not have a value with which to manifest the spectacular disappointment and anger which drowned at once my pleasure from the exciting experience. Because at the end of the day there was no luggage, not even after a week, month or year.

What I learned from all this – sh*t happens but in this case it could be fixed with a bag full of money in the shopping mall, multiple forced smiles, some tears, immodest number of profanities, some more tears and memories of Venice which even time cannot fade away. This is in emotional plan. Practically viewed, have a tooth brush and bikini with you whenever you are in the air. Besides, mind the fact the low cost air carriers offer you 18 euro per kilogram lost baggage which they usually pay slower and more continuously than a woman about to deliver. In my case it took them a year with infinite number of e-mails, threats by a lawyer, legal opinions, acquaintance with the Directorate general ‘Civil aviation administration’, copy of bills, copy of insured baggage documents, etc. which I carefully put in the box with label THINGS I WANT TO FORGET IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, I adore Venice. Still. And for ever. Because I travel. I experience. I happen…


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