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The ruler of the corporate and family life

He called me corporate bitch. I was almost 30 years old. I had the self-esteem of a successful sales manager, I had a long clientele of top companies, I was developing fast and I liked my job. I think I was in love with it. I brought it with me at home, in the restaurant with friends, and the longed vacation. Everywhere. I acknowledged the fact I am good at what I do because I was doing it with explosive amount of desire. Just like the Big Bang. The corporate bitch was in her apogeе. I remember that when he told me that I felt endless satisfaction – for a moment I imagined myself as Meryl Streep in ‘The devil wears Prada’ and a wide white smile shined on my face.

At this very moment a distant and still blurred zephyr of something yet unfulfilled hung as a grey cloud over my ardent satisfaction. I was bringing work at home while some of my friends were bringing home children just taken from the nursery. Not just children. Their own children. I remember bristling at the thought of it and, just to shake me all over, it anchored deep in my conscience. Sometimes it was sleeping, other times it was pushing my thoughts with elbows and was giving rise to a real tsunami of corporate ambitions, tick-tacking clock, mother’s instincts and desire to take my baby home from the nursery. As a matured whiskey, the longing for having a baby was raising taste, scent and mellowness in my mind. I have made my decision. The corporate bitch was about to become a mom. Small needles went over my body from excitement over the new beginning.

I was not just a corporate bitch. I was a well sustained one. I spent hours in the fitness almost every single day of the week. I looked after my internal peace by training yoga, box, BOSU and TRX. The fitness was my fortress where with every drop of sweat and the pain in my muscles from overloading, I was releasing stress. I rewarded my body with lots of smoothies and proteins. I went regularly to all possible recreational procedures and this way I sustained a strong spirit in a good looking body and smart head. Sports became a part of me. This was my narcotics, my adrenaline. That is why when I became pregnant, at the age of thirty-one, I had decided to give my child one amazing experience in my womb.

I chose a doctor to take care of my pregnancy who encouraged healthy eating and sports. Guided by his advice I gave my daughter a wild nine months adventure centimetres below my heart. Every day I was telling her about the exciting sun rises and sun sets, about the blue sky and the scent of freshly cut grass. I was carrying her with my girlfriends at fashion tours in the shopping mall and showed her the new trends. We included her in our discussions regarding love, men and things from life. When I was at the office I taught her how to negotiate and get new customers. I treated her with tasty green and meat lunches in the company of favorite friends and hence got her acquainted with new flavors. What I hoped for was her not to love sweets and wine the way I loved them. At the end of the day I was swinging her on the mill by running or by making elaborate yoga asanas which I still love making. This way we cohabited body in body in complete harmony and happiness for exactly nine months and one day. The little miss sunshine, thanks to all gods, treated with lots of love and understanding my passion to stay one beautiful, healthy, training and eating properly mom. Thanks to our mutual efforts I gained only eight kilograms for the whole pregnancy. I had clean and beautiful skin, strong hair and lack of any kind of discomfort. I was in perfect shape.

When I delivered I still had my good habits for healthy eating and active working out. I had to lose two kilograms and at the end of the first month I already had free of fats body. I energized myself with lots of vitamins and proteins which I believe made my breast milk full of various nutrients necessary for the well being of the little one. I was one happy, not sleeping properly, tired, working out mom. I believe that this is the very first gift to my child. One good life in the womb full of multiple flavors, stories, events, emotions, experiences and activities that laid the basis of these forty-seven centimetres in all their 2675 grams.

My way of a corporate bitch was replaced by the happiness to create, take care of and share my time with one as fabulous as a fairy creature. Thanks to sports and healthy eating during the pregnancy I gave birth to a healthy baby with natural curiosity to everything surrounding, unabated interest in exploring the world and desire to achieve all her goals by herself – breaking my new smart phone, climbing on the sofa, jumping from the chair, eating sand and kissing me on my lips when I say KISS. This is the sense of everything – one fairy and one kiss at the end of the day.

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