With grandma and grandpa

…or “Nobody is obliged to look after their grandchildren” 🙂

Regardless of what an amazing country one lives in, the summer comes and the idea of a sandpit, swing, slide, pool and other entertaining activities in the yard of grandma and grandpa gets more and more attractive. With a little bit of lightning tension that sporadically causes convulsions in my heart area and considerably soaked in excitement, I leave little miss sunshine in the yard which will turn into her summer paradise. Enchanted by all surprises that await her, she had totally forgotten even to grant me with a quick look. Her eyes had collected the glow of the night sky, her lips were shaped in a shiny smile ready to explode as a super nova, her limbs were waving without direction resembling dances in the 80s but under the rhythm of a house track, and I…I just faced genuine happiness. Authentic, real, magnificent…

The schedule of the little miss is colorful as a luna park and comprises of procedures before which even Cleopatra in all her majesty will bow down. The prominent bath with milk is replaced by a small swimming pool over the newly cut grass full of sun water and walnut leaves explicitly supplemented by such a number of toys that even a store like HIPPOLAND will envy at. This SPA procedure not only provokes real (sub)water furore but also provides considerable amounts of iodine and iron for the impressive 80 centimetres and 11 kilograms perfection. The ultraviolet rays are hindered from touching all that splendor via an umbrella which with its dimensions would save a small village from pouring rain.

The afternoon activities include a series of climbing and descending stairs, walking barefoot in the yard, gathering and eating grapes, picking random flowers, swinging on the swing with Mini Mouse, making sand forms in the sandpit looking like a shell and with dimensions reminding of a 1 00 year old turtle, attempting to ride the dog, going to the neighbors to eat muffins and other difficult to withstand activities. This repeats every day. It is not surprising that when I took her home with the idea to enjoy her company for a few days she kept shouting ‘de-deeeee’ – she was looking for her grandpa all around the apartment in the city. Let it be summer!


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