Spring has blossomed not only in our garden but also in my soul. I am already in colorful, dreamy, enthusiastic and active mode. The view of the awakening nature feels so mesmerizing that it makes me unleash my plans and aspirations with the ease and inspiration of a sea breeze.

There are so many things we can do to make the spring unforgettable.

  • Plant something green and colorful in the yard or in a pot at home
  • Make a picnic in the park or the mountain
  • Go for a walk with friends in nature
  • Go for a horse walk in the mountains
  • Buy a kite and watch it float in the sky
  • Make bubbles and watch the rainbow appear in each of them as they fly away
  • Feed the ducks in the lake
  • Walk down a deserted beach
  • Plan a holiday to a favorite/dreamt place
  • Visit a farm market or festival
  • Listen to the song of the raindrops falling down the ground
  • Enjoy the rainbow
  • Run barefoot on the grass
  • Visit the zoo and the botanical garden
  • Let the spring stream to refresh us
  • Breathe in the scent of freshly cut grass
  • Clean the house and decorate it with flowers and love
  • Go to outdoors cinema
  • Invite friends to cocktails at a rooftop bar
  • Stop for a moment to smell the flowers in the park
  • Stretch a hammock in the yard / park / mountain and to sit comfortably with a favorite book in hand
  • Look for four-leaf clovers
  • Wake up for the sunrise
  • Open all the windows at home and fill the rooms with the freshness of spring air
  • Do the first workout for the year outside
  • Make a wish and blow a dandelion
  • Invite guests to a garden party
  • Buy new sunglasses and a hat
  • Let the sun kiss us
  • Do a herbarium


The Mermaid

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