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As many dietologists and nutritionists you ask about a dietary regime which can maintain your good health and great shape as many different answers you will get. At least this is my experience through the years. I had tried a variety of diets, prepared by both nutritionists and fitness gurus. Finally, from all of them I combined the things which I like the most and which I consider most effective, I added the things from my personal experience that had proven to be working and so I set up my own regime that I follow unconditionally.

I hold the view that a good diet is the one we follow with pleasure, that is diverse enough and leads to the results we dream of. In short, this is the balanced regime. The one that includes protein, fat and carbohydrates because our body needs all of these to function normally. To elaborate on this, I wrote not too long ago about how fat consumption helps us in burnning fat and what is the true nature of calories and when shall we be afraid of them.

Today, after a number of changes, improvements and tests over myself during the past few years, I am happy to present you my version of a balanced diet that fills me with energy, health and good shape.


My breakfast always starts with:

  • a glass of warm water with propolis extract
  • a cup of coffee with soya milk.

An hour later, depending on my time and mood, I prepare one of the following:

  • Option 1: Protein shake with two tablespoons of chia;
  • Option 2: Fruit sprinkled with bee pollen and a handful of raw nuts;
  • Option 3: Spinach omelette using 1 yolk and 3 egg whites.


After Christmas’ fast last year, my appetite for meat products dropped significantly. However, I aim at having one of my meals for the day with meat or fish. Again, according to my preferences, I go for:

  • Option 1: Grilled or baked in kitchen foil fish (I prefer mostly trout, cyprus, salmon) up to 300g. I combine this with a salad of fresh seasonal vegetables. My favorite salad contains rucola, cucumber, red pepper and quinoa with seeds (sesame / flax / poppy / pumpkin). I season it with lemon and soya sauce. If I need fat I add avocado.
  • Option 2: Grilled or baked in kitchen foil duck, turkey or veal up to 300g with steamed vegetables – broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, brussels sprouts, etc.
  • Option 3: Lentil / bean / pea soup with schnitzel that I prepare using turkey mince (600 g), 2 eggs, 1 parsnip and 1/3 celery + white pepper, oregano and soya sauce (I blend everything but the minced meat in the blender) .


My last training is fixed at 15:00, so at 16:30 I am aready hungry  and I snack one of the following:

  • Option 1: protein shake / bar;
  • Option 2: Mashed banana with chia;
  • Option 3: Boiled egg with steamed asparagus;
  • Option 4: Vegetable cream soup;
  • Option 5: Curd with lots of parsley, black pepper and fresh mint or fresh basil;
  • Option 6: Rice cakes with salmon.


Usually my supper is light and never after 20:00. Subject to my appetite, I choose one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Fresh salad – spinach, zucchini, pepper, cauliflower, broccoli with boiled egg and a glass of white wine.
  • Option 2: Fish in foil or grilled shrimp with fresh seasonal salad as the one above.
  • Option 3: Grilled squid with red vegetable salad – red pepper and cherry tomatoes with seeds.

Alternative sides to the main dishes (instead of salad or steamed veggies):

  • Green peas with brown rice 2: 1
  • Red bean with corn 1.5: 1
  • Lentil and quinoa 1.5: 1
  • Bean with brown rice 1.5: 1
  • Buckwheat with millet 1: 1
  • Oatmeal nuts with rice milk 1: 1.5
  • Brown rice with cashew or almond 1: 0.3


I have a sweet tooth and I love eating treats BUT only ones I have  done myself. I always go for raw desserts with dried fruit instead of sugar, oatmeal or apple / almond / coconut flour, raw cocoa, chia, maca, coconut paste, nut milk, tahani and others. I NEVER consume desserts as a dessert, but rather as a main dish. I.e. if I am hungry and I want to eat something sweet, I eat a dessert and I finish eating.

In the following links I propose you my favorite recipes of desserts that I often do at home:






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