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I wish life were always a rainbow and unicorns. But it is not. Sometimes it is three prawns and a close meetup with death. Indeed, we do not have plenty of time to be the perfect parents. However, we have enough time to be good ones. Hence, I want to make sure that, against all odds, my little daughter will grow as a confident, passionate and daring woman able to navigate herself in life with the ease of an experienced sailor. That is why I am doing my best to teach her ALL of the following:



#1 Feel beautiful. Always. Not because you have an amazing appearance. But because your soul, heart and mind are beautiful.


#2 Stand up for yourself. In a respectful manner. Towards yourself. Towards your peers.


#3 Work hard. This is the key to moving forward in life.


#4 Be honest. Truth is not always beautiful BUT the hunger for it IS!


#5 Be determined. Take on all the challenges in your life.


#6 Love. Show appreciation and affection for those you feel dear just the way I show it to your dad and you. Love is a super power.


#7 Express your feelings. In their full spectrum of colors and shades. Accept and understand those of others as well. This will make you emotionally intelligent.


#8 Feel self-compassion. Accept failures. They would be your greatest teacher in life.


#9 Learn from friendships. They will teach you how to assert yourself, make compromises and set boundaries.


#10 Be a leader. In this man’s world you have to be really courageous to become a woman-leader. But you can do it! Spread your enthusiasm, vision and passion like confetti all around. Lead the like-minded.


#11 Know the difference between desire and value. Not always people will desire you because they value you. Learn to find the difference.


#12 Indulge. Buy the shoes, drink the extra shot of coffee, have the wine, eat the chocolate or ice cream… 


#13 Don’t force things. Nothing should feel forced ever – not a relationship, not a hobby. Nothing!


#14 It is okay to be vulnerable. If someone breaks your heart or ends a relationship with you – cry, scream, do what you need to do. Then move on. 


#15 Don’t do anything with half your heart. I am talking about the really meaningful things here such as your career, whom you marry, where you live, who are your friends. Do all these with your whole heart full of passion and desire.


#16 Be responsible for your own validation. Don’t wait for others to validate you. You know who you are and what you are worth of.


#17 Don’t compare yourself to others. When you do, you compare your weaknesses to others’ strengths. Compare yourself only to whom you were yesterday.


#18 Be gentle. Mainly on yourself as what you believe in is what you become. Aim at focusing on your gifts. 


#19 Surround yourself with people more intelligent, more prosperous, more capable and more desiring than you.


#20 Often people deserve second chances. Do not bother giving more than that.


#21 Feel comfortable saying NO.


#22 Your smile would always be your greatest accessory. 


#23 There is a lot of bad in the world. However, there is also a lot of good. Expect the good but be ready for the bad.


#24 Ask for help whenever you need it. This way you will walk your way with lighter step and more faith.


#25 You can share with me anything, anytime. Even if I throw a mom’s melt down I will ALWAYS be there for you.


#26 Be self-sufficient. Enjoy your own company. Enjoy silence.


#27 Be a true friend to somebody. True friends are a handful only. You will recognise them in time.


#28 Be hungry. For challenges. For adventures. For knowledge. For happiness.


#29 Require respect. Not everyone would be respectful to you. Be aware of what you can tolerate and what not. Let go of anyone and anything you cannot tolerate.


#30 Don’t let fear keep you from achieving your dreams. Dream big. Be fearless.


#31 Reaching destinations is amazing, but so is the journey of getting there.


#32 Your body is as important as your mind. Take good care of it.


#33 Do not avoid people that think differently than you. Keep your mind open.


#34 Always do something new everyday that gets you closer to your goals.


#35 Taking selfies is nice. However, taking pictures with other people is pretty cool as well. A day will come when these pictures will be your favorite ones.


#36 Unplug yourself every now and then. A day free of phone and interent will not put an end to your life but will surely enrich it emotionally.


#37 Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is nonesense. Discard enemies. Fill your life with harmony and beauty.


#38 You matter. Regardless of what others say, think or feel – you DO matter.


What life lessons would you add to this list?




The Mermaid

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