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It is good to be healthy. Not thinking what time you have to take the next pill or how many more times you need to spray your throat with the liquid that makes your eyes come out of their eyegrounds.

When healthy, people often think that health is quite an exaggerated notion. When one is knocked down by a microscopic virus and the spirits are as high as of a newly formed amoeba, the world is not Moet Chandon and roses. It is rather thorns and lemons. But not some lovely limes that perfectly fit the mohito, rather one of those tick-skinned, yellow, ultra sulky lemons. After even short contiguity with them I become yellow from sulkiness myself. I start longing to dress in my usual happy mood and get out for a meeting with the world. Powdered with dreams, making up my face with self-esteem and perfuming with zeal for life.

Now I long for something as well but that is mostly good sleep altogether with chamomile gargle. Quite prosaically for someone dealing real good with the everyday events. Then I contemplate on the fact that actually the microscopic details most strongly outline our moods, thoughts and emotions. The things we often deliberately neglect in a race with time, the disasters in the office or the scandalous drivers are precisely these that give us face. They either put us the macro lens with pinkish coloring and the world blossoms as heaven’s garden or pour us with anxiety, anger and whatever we hide in our souls.

Either way we live for them. For the song of the nightingale hidden in the crown of the tree before the window. For the blossomed crocuses busy to emit their scent in the park. For the sun rays embracing the hurrying up silhouette. For the rain drops flowing down the window. For the hand given in the darkness of uneasiness. For the innocent smile of the unknown passer-by. For these and everything else that awakens us for life.

And so, inspired and happily smiling we slide down life. We blink an eye to the obstacles on our way and head swiftly towards the light. Because there the vital values we simply call Happiness, Love and Hope are taking sun baths with cocktails in hands.

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