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Maintaining our body tight and in active sports mode is a challenge for many of us. Especially when we are 3in1: mothers, housewives and working women. What is, however, the secret through which we can turn sports into an integral part of our lives? I hereby share with you 10 basic principles that will help you build a pleasant and desirable sports routine as part of your lifestyle.


Be persistent

In order to achieve the results you are aiming for, you need to arrange your daily routine in such a way that sports become a regular activity. For example, the workout regimen that I chose to follow after the birth of my daughter involves 4 days of active cardio workouts and daily walking of about 15,000 steps (equivalent to about 12 km). Don’t be tempted to get on the car or use public transport if you really don’t need it. Use the walk to stay alone with your thoughts and to cheer up. It is crucial to have days when we take a break from doing sports. During these days our bodies and muscles are recovering. Excessive stress can lead to muscle fatigue or unnecessary stress, which will inevitably affect our quality of life.




Start following an effective sports routine

To do this, start attending group workouts that pay attention to the proper performance of each exercise. Effectively, you can start working with a personal trainer. If you prefer workouts at home, you will find on the internet a wealth of online exercises varying in length, intensity and effectiveness. I talk about my most favorite YouTube exercises here. The most important thing is to focus on those parts of your body that you can change and choose the right exercises for that.


Set realistic goals

And be specific – for example, “I want to have six pack in 3 months time”, or “I want to get rid of my body fat by the end of the month”, or “I want to lose 10 pounds in the next 6 months”. Draw in your mind the result you want to achieve and work hard for it. In every new beginning, the first 2 weeks are the most important. During this time, we are getting used to the new activities and practices that we have introduces to our lives and through which we can reach our goals. These will also be the most difficult days of the change we have decided to bring into our lives. After that everything becomes a routine.


Make sports activities convenient for your lifestyle

To be truly effective sports must be a natural extension of your interests and (un) hidden talents. If you like to dance – go to new dance classes you have not tried before, if you like to go the extra mile – go to TRX. Think about your inner self and choose what will truly complement and color your life. Wihtout tension, stress or anxiety.




Select activities you enjoy doing

If you like group activities, start yoga, pilates, TRX, BOSU, zumba, step aerobics, pole dancing, dances (modern, folk or with a partner). If you prefer to exercise alone – run in the park, workout at home or in the gym, go hiking,,, Do whatever pleases you and helps you reach your goals.



Choose when to exercise

If you are a morning person, train early in the morning. If not – workout in the evenings. I for instance, cannot give up the last 15 minutes I can squeeze out of bed in the morning. I like to train in the evening, which helps me to relieve myself from the stress that has accumulated during the day, to tone up and to recharge my mind and body with good energy.



Identify the type of exercise you need the most

Focus on those areas of your body that you want to change the most. Shape your hips and legs, tighten your abs and shoulders, build muscle in your arms or whatever is important to you.



Get inspired

Sport is a state of mind. In order to achieve everything you are aiming for, you should really want it. Then your dedication and effort will be leading you in the direction of making your dreams come true. Do not do anything simply because you “should” and do not do anything that does not satisfy or please you. Sport is a pleasure and should be one of your favorite activities to look forward to. Take inspiration from the looks of someone you admire and start working towards it.



Be patient and persistent

The results are cumulative. You should be aware that you will not achieve much change from your current state in one or two workouts. Substantial results require time and persistence.



Find a friend to exercise with

It is extremely enjoyable to share these activities with your friend or someone whose company you feel good about. This will be an additional incentive for you to practice regularly and enjoy a great time.



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