Having a child is a holiday. Like these big, bright ones that you expect with held breath and slight tension. Having Mia is both Christmas and Easter altogether. She is zest for the soul and unlimited source of joy for all senses. In two words – eyes and a smile that cure sulky mood, bad breath, rainy days, dejection, holes in the street, boredom and many other unexplored and unspoken spiritual and physical states.

As every cure it has its side effects. Among the most persisting ones are a suffering nervous system, systematic inability to sleep and tiredness. And because there are no incorrigible things – my solution is escaping on a deserted island with lots of sunshine, beautiful cocktails and silence. Dreams you would say. But when mommy has a birthday dreams do come true.

Equipped with unlimited enthusiasm I packed my luggage in the small hours of the night. Not that I like it but everyone was sleeping then. With triple enthusiasm I boarded the plane as even from the muted in the sun rise light Edinburgh airport I was feeling the touch of the waves over my feet on the hot and dreamt of beaches of Mallorca. I would say nothing about the taste of the beach bar cocktails that I was already experiencing in my  mind. I caught up with sleeping in the plane and welcomed the sunny morning in Mallorca. Some dreams are a tangible reality. Luckily the calendar keeps such kind of dates as well…just for a change.

The other reality that hit my forehead as a train moving with the speed of light without brakes was the thought of Mia. Generally, she was every first, second, third, hundred and so on thought. You got the message so I will not continue with the numbers as my mother’s unlimited imagination will come up with a new number such as infinity on fourth square with which some decisive seventh grade pupil will have to deal with on his final examinations prior the summer holidays.

Back to reality – the beach was fabulous and solely for me. A thought of Mia followed. The glass of chilled wine was like ambrosia in the sacred goblet which scientists, priests, crazy men and other were looking for in the novels of Dan Braun. Another thought of Mia followed. The locals prepared a miraculous paella which filled all of the receptors in my mouth. The thought of Mia started predominating somewhere between the not so exquisite ‘mmmmmm’ and my nearly full belly.

Late in the evening I went to view the quay with all its luxurious yachts of the wealthy. They all looked tidy and arranged like swallows on a wire during the hot summer days. Enchanted by the wine my eyes indolently followed the row of yachts (that day I had experienced the most exciting adventure of my life as a mom) and I thought of what it would be to spend two noisy and party weeks in endless feast of music, dances, laughter and fun. While wandering in my thoughts my eyes fixed a yacht with the name of ‘Lady Bijou’. And then I thought of my jewel, as Iliana calls her with eyes full of emotion. That is it. Life is Mia. Someday she would be partying on a yacht like this one with mind full of thoughts none of which would be for mom.


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