Midnight spirits

I have devoted myself to my most favorite amusement since I am a mom – blissful dreams. I dreamt peacefully and in colors. This phenomenon, for a mom of a toddler, is as exceptional and merciful as to come across a unicorn. I was surrounded by a blast of joy in a way I imagined myself doing slalom down the rainbow and angels in the clouds just as the “Bears with golden hearts” would. Then I heard IT – the first cough. I confidently opened my right eye at about 6% only to acknowledge the fact that there was complete darkness outside. Only a pale Moon hidden behind the thin veil of the clouds was trying to raise an alarming cry of sympathy. The deep night advocated more dreaming. The felicity lasted no longer than a minute more, when I heard the second cough. I was now operating at almost 18% and even succeeded to partially open my other eye which read 1.30 am.

Leaving the dream full of so much color, rainbows, unicorns and golden bears was…I would not lie…tough. I heard the coughing so many times as a pupil in first grade would not be able to count to even in their boldest dreams. This brought on my hysterical leap from the bed which I am sure could not be realised even by a Bengal tiger over an antelope. One millisecond later, the coughing perfection was in my arms with all its 85 centimeters and ten teeth plus two more on their way.

As the lovely lady in white had informed me few hours earlier, the head of the coughing princess has to be laid a bit higher than usual, so that the mucus could find its way down unrestrained. Considering this, I had already taken a pose in such a shape that even the most sophisticated symbol in the Korean alphabet cannot brag itself about. While drowsily fitting myself in it, I imagined having the possibility to sleep for some longer.  Fifteen seconds later, I have been asking myself where did I get this enthusiasm from. Anyway, the cough melted away in the dark, and exactly at four to eight in the morning the perfection glowed with a look sparkling for games, to which I was able to reply solely with a squeaky neck, unfeeling limbs and boundless love.

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