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Any man could become a father. But not every father could be a dad. Here are 7 things that nurturing and loving awesome dads do.


#1 Treats people with respect

He shows kindness, generosity and dignity not only to his friends and family, but to anyone life encounters him with. He would not lose his temper and makes his family feel save and sound.

#2 Teaches his kids virtues

He is loyal and honest in his relationships and shows his kids how to establish relations are based on trust, respect and tolerance.

#3 Makes his family a priority

There is no argument, life situation or temptation that is more important than his family. He knows that the purest and strongest love he can get awaits him home. Hence, he is there for each school performance, football game and promotion. Because he truly cares.

#4 Stays engaged

He is an awesome dad because he spends qualitative time with his kids building sand castles, gazing the starry night sky, playing hide-and-seek or cooking his favorite meal with his wife in the kitchen. He choses to be present. Attentive. Caring.

#5 Acts as a role model

He encourages his kids to develop themselves and grow personally and professionally. He shows them that mistakes are the best teachers and they should be admitted and learned from.

#6 Grants his family happiness and joy

He is most content when his kids and wife are happy. He knows his kids’ favorite colors, songs and hobbies. Equally, he knows his wife’s favorite flowers and interests. He is awesome dad because he knows their dreams, fears, achievements and challenges. Moreover, he is there for each of them with every step along their way.

#7 Deals with the problems as a man

He, no matter how much dissatisfied with his own life is, never allows this to make his family feel the same way. Rather, he finds his strength and inspiration in them.

Finally, the greatest appreciation of his awesomeness is when his kids say: “He is my role model! My best friend! My support! My inspiration! He’s MY AWESOME DAD.”

God bless all the awesome dads out there <3


The Mermaid

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