Within the beauty of the moment

I adore the sun rise… Watching how the burning globe slowly and dignifiedly ascends over the morning stalk of grass kissed by the dew. It soars majestically up in the sky and fondles with its warmth the forest in the distance. It spreads life and power which go through me and shake me as electricity. I love gazing at the rays which secretly sneak through the clouds and touch the ground. I like this picture of the perfect morning. I am reborn with each new day and every single sun rise – better, happier and stronger.

Almost like the sun set that with its magic captivates me to madness. It draws beauty on the heavenly vault in a feast of color and shades. Just as magic. Just as a promise and longing. Just as an end before a new beginning. It kisses the horizon and quietly leaves as a shadow. Until the next day…


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