Game of life

I am not a gamer. My ideal for well spent time comprises of a glass of white wine and friends altogether. The only game that I have been playing for 32 years so far is Life. Harsh. Sweet. Challenging. Mind blowing. Loving. Joyful. Visious. Sad. Disappointing. Promising. Frankly speaking I had completed lots of levels some of which with smile, others with lips curved as a wasted croissant. The idea is that my female personification of Super Mario is doing pretty well. For 32 levels. The future ones are a mystery but I am already in a row.

If we exclude the Saturn return, the Venus retrograde and a couple of other out of space circumstances, soon I am about to go to the next level – 33! For this one I plan to take all my resits and somehow out of space and against all Milky Way celestial bodies (at least) to learn the following:

  • Expectations are for losers. They bring solely complete disappointment. However, setting some basic criteria is something different. Still, it has to be clear that not everyone can meet them and that is perfectly fine. It is what I call natural selection.
  • If someone truly wants to devote some of their time to you, they will rearrange their priorities in such a way as to give that time to you.
  • Verbally expressing yourself in a beautiful manner is quite trendy. However, there are few people who really stand behind their words. That is why actions distinguish the truly important people in life from all others.
  • Sometimes you have to continue walking ahead without closure or label ‘fin’. This is also kind of a closure. Move forward for God sake!
  • Life is way better without unnecessary assumptions. Not everything has a concealed meaning. Quite often things are what they look like to be.
  • If someone betrays you once there is a good possibility to do it again. Second chances rarely work. Third ones do not work at all.
  • Spend qualitative time with friends. Nothing heals better than them.

Now, cross fingers for the resits.


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