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    For the past year, one of my favorite sports accessories has been the Fitbit Charge2 watch. At least 9 hours of my day are on the move and before I took my watch I was addicted to the Shealth program on my phone. I was excited to see how many miles I had walked/ran, how many calories I had burned, what days of the week I had been the most active, and so on. Today I am absolutely inseparable with my Fitbit. I use it for a variety of statistics and features, both on the watch itself and on the phone app. Here I am sharing some of the key…

  • Exercising


    I was in S1 when I started training athletics. Outdoor exercisings at the stadium were a magical combination of high intensity exercises, new friendships, iron discipline, plenty of motivation and a lot of fun. After the exhausting training, I enjoyed running under the cold droplets of water (from the stadium’s irrigation system) that fell like dew on the grass. With my last resource of power I used to bounce blissfully on the high jump landing mats collecting the sun’s rays over my tired body. These were the summers when mom used to tell me that I look alike a gypsy kissed by the sun – I was so tanned. Training…

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