the granny of the 21 century


She is THE granny of the 21 century! She lives 2,398 miles away but when she comes to visit us it feels like Home. When she stays with us, she gets up first early in the morning. She brews coffee and then the whole house smells on this heavenly tasty liquid gold. She always comes well prepared. The wee one is showing an exensive interest in arts. So our granny comes with booklets that show step by step how to draw various animals, birds, flowers and stuff. She spends the whole morning drawing ladybugs, butterflies, snowmen and other creatures on the huge canvas helping M to turn her imagination into colorful pictures.

She fits in my slim jeans, doesn’t go out without her fancy hair-style and red lipstick and is a great partner in crime for shopping sprees while my mini me is at school. When she is with the little one, she romps about as an Easter bunny for as long as her legs hold her. In the softplay center, she crawls on rope bridges, jumps over obstacles and descends on slides. She snaps with her ultra-modern phone 85734583456834 photos and videos per minute, uses Instagram and Facebook and is my most loyal fan of the blog.

She would always take the opportunity to ring the little one to the cinemas. She would climb the hills of the city to admire the sunset and would walk at least 10 kilometers per day. In the evening – the kitchen would smell of home-made chicken soup and dessert. My favorite. The one from my childhood. The milk creme with eggs, which I used to call “the yellow creme”. Oh how I loved licking the pot in which it was cooked with a spoon. Well, sometimes without 🙂 

It is visually impossible to call her a grandmother! Emotionally – nothing makes her happier than some 105 centimeters calling her “granny”. In short, this is the grandmother of the 21st century. Modern, active, inventive, energetic, dynamic. Her birth age is between the pages of her passport. The real feeling of her, however, is encoded in the special freshness, agility and youthfulness that she brings with herself. After all, you are only as old as you feel, right? 

It is such a shame that 2020 is robbing us from all these small pleasures. Of sharing, cuddling, socializing, travelling, meeting… It is not the dinners out or parties that I miss the most. It is rather the aspect of being amongst family, friends and relatives. Because at the end of the day the small happy moments that we share with them are our greatest blessings.

The Mermaid

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