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I am nicer when my skin looks good. That is why I invest time and care in turning my skin into one of my most precious accesories. Still, I am not longer 20. Age, stress and the environment inevitably leave their mark on my skin. And although I always answer the question “How old are you?” with “I am 21!”, my skin reminds me of its strict requirements for qualitative care. That is how I found about Clochee.

To be completely honest, I bought the Clochee Anti-wrinkle Day Creme as a gift for a friend. But the lockdown quickly reminded me of how the plans are made to be changed. The gift never reached its recipient, but it stayed in my closet long enough for me to decide to try it.

Whenever I buy cosmetics (and I change brands and products regularly), I undergo something like an assessment of the condition of my skin. My goal is to be aware of the needs of my skin and if necessary to move to the next “level” of care. Namely white cosmetics for rejuvenation. For now, this has never been on the agenda, but I have this beautiful looking “jewelry” in my closet. As it matures, it won’t become more “developed”, so why not give it a go now?!




Few weeks ago, I started my mini experiment using rejuvenating cosmetics for the very first time ever. And frankly, I feel happy with my decision. I nourish my skin with algae and jojoba oils and 100% natural ingredients. My skin is smooth, radiant and clean. What a better accessory can I ever wish for at the age of 36?! We all know about the great properties of jojoba oil, but let me tell you about teh algae.

Algae is a type of seaweeds rich in vitamins A, C and beta-carotene. Its properties range from

  • increasing tissue elasticity
  • stimulating cell regeneration
  • rejuvenation and revitalization
  • through having antioxidant effects
  • to regulating sebum levels.

In other words, a magic potion in a small package on my nightstand.



I’ve been quite selective in my cosmetics lately. And although Clochee was an unplanned decision, I’m more than happy with the current results. By applying it regularly, I have well-hydrated, nourished and radiant skin, without acne, blemishes or other imperfections that might bother my mind. I hope that I have met an ally in disguising the fine lines that leave a mark of moments of happiness. I love to laugh. Loud and wide. I love my eyes to laugh. But I do NOT want this to leave traces that remind me that youth is transient.



I usually follow two rules when choosing skincare. First, I always choose light textures that absorb quickly, but keep the feeling of well hydrated skin for hours. I do not like the feeling of pulling that occurs when my moisturizing product is not strong enough. And secondly – I prefer skin care that contains natural products and oils.

Clochee Anti-wrinkle Day Creme somehow fits perfectly into my requirements. And I really liked the business model of the English brand. Two great chicks stand behind the scenes – Justyna Szuszkiewicz and Daria Prochenka – who are not afraid to follow their dreams and realize their aspirations. And it is 100% natural. Honestly, I’m starting to like Clochee not only because of the effect on my skin, but also because of the inspiration that the creators of the brand fuel me with.



The Mermaid

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