Running out of time

They say time flies. How fast it runs out, however, I realize when I look at my daughter. Six minutes stay in the next room and she has already grown with some mischief, an ocean of enthusiasm to create some new one and a couple of lion’s leaps that practically separate her from this. I know from experience that whenever there is quiet for more than a moment, something very wrong is actually taking place.

While preparing the breakfast in a hand-to-hand combat with the clock, the oven and the products in the fridge, few very long moments took place in the next room. Ready to face the faith of a mom that was about to see the crafty flame of the mischievous childish genius hidden in the most beautiful blue eyes, I headed towards the bedroom. Practically seen, I saw my daughter giving herself a manicure. Subject to her infancy, the picture I saw was more or less the following: purple arms up to the elbows, purple cheeks and small purple splashes artistically spread over her favorite blouse of Minnie Mouse. Her eyes were shining with joy on her new trendy outlook and her lips were shaped in the widest smile revealing all her fourteen teeth.

Swallowing the fact that I have a big girl at home, and not a baby interested in pacifiers, I proceeded to cleaning all this art masterpiece. After successfully taking care of all the damages and going for a walk to the nearby park as a reward, I started pondering on a my new article. Then the phone rang and Iliyana asked me:

Iliyana: „Her size is 92, right?“.

Me: „Nope, it’s 86.“

Iliyana: „Are you sure?! The label reads 92 centimetres for a two year-old!“

The most interesting part of this all is that I went to check what the label of her clothing says about this….she was really a 92. Obviously, I had remained in some previous period of time where little miss sunshine was nothing more than an eighty-six centimetres smile.

Thus, time does not fly, it runs out with the speed of three blinks. Sometimes, consumed by our everyday tasks, we skip some significant moments. Just like Tiger from “Winnie the Pooh”, we bounce into the clouds and while falling down, we miss the delight from these little occasions that actually shape our life.


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