Intergalactic battles – me vs. the snots

Strolling with her stands for immensity of laughing, running, excitement, love, pushing the stroller with one hand, jumping on my left foot, a package of cookies (often two), a torrent of pictures and videos….shortly an emotion. It holds such a blast that if it explodes it could vanish at least three far away galaxies, few black holes, a dozen of dwarfs and asteroid rain. It could bring life to Mars and make Venus a real hospitable planet.

Our last walk was particularly exciting. After it THEY appeared – the snots! I see them as highly unfriendly invaders. Uncompromisingly they take over territories (her nose), spread everywhere (mostly out of her nose), disturb during the night (mostly me) with humming sounds and in the morning they wait to be invasively removed. Until the very next moment when they have multiplied themselves again there (in her nose). Some scholar in Harvard could give his life to multiply stem cells that way. The battle is mercilessly cruel. Snoring during the night as well.

With complete combat equipment – infinite quantity of physiological solution, factory for wet and dry wipes, nasal drops of any kind, mantras for health and long life, everyday meditations, reiki and peacemaking practices I slowly start to prevail. The battle is not lost and there is a a whole free of snots nostril! The flow of joy and spell that takes over me at this very moment is indescribable. The result is 1:0 for mom 🙂


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