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Intrinsic motivation if the golden key to turning our dreams into reality. This is the driving force of change that stems from our heart and mind. The things we dream about from the bottom of our soul are the ones that burn the fire in us and give us the strength to continue our journey.

Have you noticed how many times we have forced our mind to believe that we urgently need to lose weight, but instead of making a change, we settle even more comfortably into our sedentary lifestyle, and take even bigger blocks from our colleague’s chocolate.

Obviously, in this case, weight loss is not among our priorities at this time, though we try to attach significance to it. Things will easily start happening the very moment we truly desire them. Because then and only then, we will feel comfortable with introducing and following a new routine that, with some certain effort, perseverance and focus, will lead us to our dreamt results. For me, the only ones who did not succeed are the ones who did not put their mind into succeeding.

The same rule applies to our personal motivation to exercise regularly. Moreover – to EXERCISE regularly at HOME. Maybe I am not the perfect example as sports has been a constant part of my life ever since early school age. I have been practicing semi-professionally as an athlete, and later exercised various sports at the gym – boxing, kick boxing, TRX, BOSU, TAE BO, yoga, pilates, spinning, aerobics, step aerobics, belly dance, fitness and many others. Just the thought of the amount I invested in the gym makes my limbs turn black from the lack of oxygen.

When I moved to the UK, I continued exercising sports at the gym and my favorite yoga studio opposite the park. However, I decided to introduce a change and with unimaginable efforts I started running outside. Not that I can not, but I just have not done it in ages. After completeing my being-a-super-promising-athlete period I turned my back to the stadium I started running on the threadmill either at the gym or at home. Yes, I invested in a professional threadmill that literally paid off its value at least a thousand times. I spent my pregnancy exercising on it daily. Unfortunately, we could not move it here because it would have cost a fortune. Facing the reality, I first started running in the park, then in the mountain foothills, and finally I started running to the top and back. Today, I can not imagine running on a treadmill.


When the weather is bad or I do not have more than 40 minutes I exercise at home. The reasons for this are the following:

  1. I am truy bored of doing several times a week the same exercises, for the same groups of muscles with the same trainers;
  2. It just does not make sense to pay for something I can do at home FOR FREE;
  3. By training at home, watching YouTube, I can exercise a much wider variety of sports than the gym or studio could ever offer or for which I can pay for;
  4. I save travel time, which is a serious factor for me because I do not have time at all, not even speaking about free time here (!!!!).
  5. I save serious amounts monthly by not paying for gym passes and sports studios.

My daily routine includes 30 to 40 minutes of sports at home. I tried to take a day off once a week but it just does not work for me. Therefore, every day, depending on the energy I have and my mood, I go for HIIT, yoga, pilates or whatever my soul desires. YouTube offers plenty of sports for any level. You do not have to be a professional to do sports at home. All you need is motivation 🙂


The tips and guidelines that I hereby share with you to turn sports into part of your life (including at home) are not revolutionary. They are, however, efficient and effective and have always been part of my agenda.

  1. Create a routine. If you are exercising sporadically this could be more difficult at the very beginning. Subject to your temper, choose a part of the day you will feel the most comfortable doing sports. Set an alarm on the phone thirty minutes before the training time and make an effort to stick to your plan.
  2. Start with shorter workouts lasting for 15-20 minutes and gradually increase the length. The ideal option is to exercise 30 minutes each day, but if you do not have the opportunity / desire, make time to exercise at least 3 times a week for an hour.
  3. Think of your sports adventure as something really wonderful that you do for yourself because that is exactly what it is! You fill your body and spirit with tone, energy, good health and a beautiful, tight silhouette.
  4. It may be motivating for you to choose a photo in which you consider yourself being in top shape or a photo of a woman you admire and put it in a place where you can see it all the time. This will subconsciously trigger your motivation exercise regularly. Also, this will remind you why you are doing all this.
  5. Find a comfortable place at home with enough space to stretch all the way up without knocking down a vase or kicking a chair. This will be your place for training. If there is no TV nearby, you can always put a laptop on the ground and indulge in sweating.
  6. For most home workouts you do not need any equipment except for your body and focus. If you find it useful or intriguing, you can always buy mat and dumbbells to get started.
  7. Choose from YouTube a sport that really excites you and to which you will gladly devote the next 30 minutes of your life. Yoga, pilates, aerobics, tae bo … name it! The list is endless, and the choice is entirely yours.
  8. Play some engaging music, move in rhythm and think about every exercise you make. Control your body and listen carefully the trainer’s directions from the screen.
  9. Leave a glass of water nearby and hydrate yourself each time you feel thirsty.
  10. Never miss the warm up or stretching at the beginning and the end of the workout, unless you want to stretch something that will hurt you lots and for a long.
  11. If you do not exercise often start with a workout for beginners. Over time switch to intermediate and then advanced workouts. eeing actual results will not take long.
  12. In order to optimize what you have achieved so far, you can choose to follow a healthy diet by giving up (or at least reducing) sweets, pasta, fried food, fatty food, alcohol …
  13. Stick to your workout and eating routine and turn your habits into an inseparable part of yourself. Unfortunately (or not), the healthy lifestyle is a conscious choice for a lifetime. Sticking to it for a short time and then returning to your old life will undo all the improvements and successes you have been working so hard for.

Allow yourself to experience temporary discomfort from your new schedule and you will soon enjoy permanent comfort from the results. If you really want to look and feel good, your inner motivation will grow with the satisfaction of the hard work you have done and the feeling of freshness, strength and energy that will benefit your body and mind after each workout. You will start dreaming to be the exercising hour. Because sports is an adrenaline and adrenaline is a drug. I assure you that once you get addicted to it you willnot be able to let go.

In one of the following articles, I will share with you my favorite YouTube exercises that make me feel satisfied and happy with the results.



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