What my daughter taught me of

The most qualitative time is spent in games, walks in the park, shared smiles and strong cuddles.

The most adorable word in the world in “mommy”.

Patience is a virtue established on the cost of lots of nerves, wild emotions and frustration.

Insomnia is cured with the face of the most adored little one, wrapping hands around your neck and smother your face with kisses.

Scratches on your new smart phone, lost diamond earring, stained fancy clothing are nothing less than dear memories and reason to smile.

Stamping her foot and squeezing her lips is all just DNA for which mommy has major input.

Failure is nothing less than a new opportunity to try again in a new manner.

Friendships start with a handshake, shared toys and good vibes.

Fatigue could be a pleasant experience driven by crazy games, few dirty nappies and a flooded bathroom.

Feeding could last as long as a thorough shopping tour in the mall, coffee with friends and evening congestion in Sofia altogether.

“No” is sometimes “well, okay”.

The sky is gathered in two blue eyes.

Your life is no longer a priority.

Happiness is a road, not an end.

Sometimes a minute can make your whole day.

Every effort  is unquestionably worthwhile.

Each day is a gift and an opportunity to learn new things.

There is no “I can’t” – there is “I am not interested in this”.

Few homemade cookies can calm down Godzilla, Medusa-Gorgon and a sulky forest fairy all at once.

The penguin Penelope is way more precious than any jewellery.

There exists unconditional love.


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