I can do it myself

Since recently my daughter has started eating by herself. This triggered a real explosion of different emotions in me – pride, endless joy on the newly acquired 30 minutes of spare time during each feeding, through admiration from the precise motor culture of the miniature fingers to thrill from the clash with reality after which follow 45 minutes of cleaning the carpet, the baby feeding chair, the table, the curtains, the nearby sofa, the clothing of the golden-hair splendor, her hair and me myself.

The colorful variety on the otherwise beige carpet distinctly reminds of the Indian holiday of lights and colors Diwali after each feeding. On the floor gravitate unpretentiously discarded olives, spread steamed potatoes, broken into crumbs croissant with butter, freely fallen noodles and blueberries hidden behind the new leather couch. Today I thanked multiple times Mary from Guadalupe, Krishna, Ra and Buddha that subject to all this wealth of food reserves on the floor we still do not have unwanted habitat. I mostly thanked Buddha for the patience I got during the past 45 minutes of vivid cleaning, scrubbing and any other kind of polishing the floor.

Otherwise I am very proud of her feeding herself!


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